The Sun is Entering Sagittarius

9s Day in the 5S Week (week 44): the first day of January and the house of Sagittarius on the EHc.

It’s the First of January on the EHc

… and the Sun is entering the house of Sagittarius. (1-18-24 Gc) ✨
Otherwise, it’s pretty much just a random day in the middle of winter (in the Northern Hemisphere, anyway).❄️
The true start to the New Year is still another eight or so more weeks from now, on 1 MARCH at the start of the Sun’s transition into Aquarius on the EartHeaven calendar. 
445♠️|9♣️ [ ♐️ ]
Today on the EHc (THU, 1 JANUARY):
It’s a Nine of Clubs Day 
in the Five of Spades Week 
(Week 44 ) of the current EHc Solar Year.
The Sun is entering Sagittarius; and Neptune is the Weekly Ruling Planet.

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