Welcome to our World — the World of the EartHeaven Calendar (EHc)

We are pleased to have you here, and to present to you — and the world — this revolutionary new *fixed* calendar solution for the next 2100+ years of this Aquarian Age.

The EartHeaven Calendar Grid

As can be seen in the accompanying image, the EartHeaven calendar (EHc) grid looks nearly identical to the Gregorian calendar (Gc) we are accustomed to using presently. At first glance, it may even seem the same; however, there are several important differences:

  • One of the key features of the EartHeaven calendar is that it effectively brackets (and maps) the Sun’s chronological passage through the twelve zodiac constellations of the ecliptic according to the months (as well as Earth’s annual transit around our Sun).
  • The EHc also posits New Year’s Day on Sunday, 1 March — coincident with the March Equinox, realigning us here on Earth, to contemporary Astro-Solar realties. This is its KEY DIFFERENTIATOR, one which makes the EHc the best possible solution to a longstanding problem which has eluded world leaders for generations.


On this site you will find links to various publications (including our free white paper presenting The EartHeaven Calendar), articles, blog posts and information explaining much of the history and development of the EartHeaven calendar, as well as keys to its efficiency, function, and simplicity.

The significant change of realigning our calendar so as to map the path of the Sun along its ecliptic path, in alignment with contemporary astronomical reality, holds fabulous promise, not only for reformation, but as a uniting force for humanity. You could even say the EHc is a gift to the world. 🎁


Check back often for sneak peeks and/or news of our forthcoming publication, A Change for Time: Playing your Cards Right in the Age of Aquarius (working title).

In this companion book to The EartHeaven Calendar White Paper, we explore the fascinating and illuminating exposition of the EartHeaven calendar when fully aligned, with the Cards dispersed and populating throughout the entire 364-day field of the EHc grid — becoming the EartHeaven Card calendar, or EHCc.

This work will divulge much of the previously occulted metaphysics of the “Playing Cards.” The symbols and teachings of the Cards were never meant to be occulted; rather, they were designed to educate and illuminate. We shall endeavor to recover those lost meanings, and de-occult, or un-occult their relationships.


I wish to take this opportunity to introduce myself and my co-creator/collaborator, Kimberly Foss. Her insights and intuition are invaluable to bringing the presentation of the EartHeaven calendar to the world. So, while you are here, please scroll down and check out our Bio’s below to learn more about us and feel free to contact us for more information, or with any questions you may have.

Steve Howland, Author | March 2024


Image of the the author, Steve Howland

Steve Howland | Q♦️

Born in the “live free or die” state of New Hampshire, and being the youngest son (perhaps reminiscent of old-world traditions), Steve Howland was raised with hopes that he might become “the priest in the family.” He attended Catholic school taught by the Sisters of Mercy, trained as an altar boy, learned to serve Mass in Latin, and even belonged to the “Future Priests Club.”


By the third grade, he was already developing independent “religious” thinking; he believed (and still does) that the gist of Jesus’s teachings was to get us to understand that we all have God within us, and that we all have the same potential to emulate Jesus (and Buddha, too). He had not heard of gnosis at the time; but soon learned that the church was dead set against the gnostic viewpoint, because he was repeatedly detained to be browbeaten back into submission by the parish priests. [ His arguments that Jesus presumably discoursed with the rabbis at age 12 seemed not carry any weight with them! ]


Despite his eventual disappointment with Roman Catholicism, this period of Steve’s life instilled a lasting serious study of comparative religions and an intense interest in true spirituality. His interest in these subjects has grown from years of meditation, practice, study and observation.


He attended Eastern Oregon State College [EOSC] (now Eastern Oregon University) [EOU], and earned a Bachelor’s degree in Communications Studies via the Greenspun School of Communications at the University of Nevada at Las Vegas [UNLV]. A writer, poet, philosopher, patriot, futurist, Nature lover, and an avid out-of-doors explorer, Steve now lives in north-eastern Oregon.


“The el-evolution of the EartHeaven calendar project has been a life-changing endeavor. Primarily because it has challenged me in ways that I never thought I could surmount. Also, because I am less competitively inclined than I am as a problem solver.


“So, being able to offer the world a solution to such a long-standing problem is extremely gratifying. But perhaps best of all, is that this project attracted the attention of my niece, Kimberly Foss, and brought us together on a plane of understanding beyond anything of previous family experience. Thank you, Kim, for your intuition, insights, and energy in bringing this project to life and fruition.”

Kimberly Foss | Q♠️

Kim is a wearer of many hats: Business Owner, Community Leader, Volunteer, Visual Designer, Typophile, Writer/Editor/Poet, Artist, Instructor, Reiki Master/Healer, Star Gazer, Grandmother, Gardener, Traveler, Bookworm, Dreamer, Survivor — and Snowboarding Fiend (although, technically, she wears a helmet for that).


“Throughout this journey called life, my curiosity has led me down many paths; and deep-dives into discoveries of Nature, Humanity, and Self have brought both Light and Awareness to bear for this wandering soul. I am so grateful for all that I have learned, and look forward to gleaning all that I can along the way.


“I am forever thankful for the opportunity to have worked with Steve on this project, not only in bringing it to fruition and sharing this knowledge with anyone and everyone who will listen, the world over; but in learning about a subject I admittedly knew almost nothing about when we began collaborating back in 2021. (And also, for the very fact that Steve saw and recognized my potential for doing so. You might say, the Nerd in him saw the Nerd in me.) Namaste, Uncle Steve.”

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