Sun Dagger at Chaco Marks June Solstice

The ancient Sun Dagger, a petroglyph found atop the Fajita Butte at Chaco Canyon, New Mexico, marks the June Solstice with a spear of light.

Solstice Greetings to You, at Litha…

The Sun Dagger, a shaft of light spearing an ancient Puebloan petroglyph spiral, appears at Litha, marking the June Solstice. (6-17-24 Gc) ✨ 

14 – A♣️|7♥️ [ ✴️♉️♀ ]

Today on the EHc (MON, 1 JUNE):

It’s a Seven of Hearts Day
in the Ace of Clubs Week
(Week 14 ) of the current EHc solar year.

The Ace of Clubs signifies the beginning of the second season on the EHc, the Season of Clubs/air, comprising June/Taurus, July/Gemini, and August/Cancer.

This week, the Sun enters Taurus at the June Solstice (occurring on Thursday, 20 June, 2024 Gc); and Venus is the Weekly Ruling Planet.


High atop the Fajada Butte at Chaco Culture National Park (New Mexico), a natural formation of stone slabs cast a pattern of shadow and light against a cliff face. Ancient native Puebloans (900-1150 AD), who used the sun as a method of time-keeping, observed these patterns over time and carved two spirals onto the cliff face such that a spear (or dagger) of sun pierces directly through the center of the larger spiral on the June Solstice. Similar sun daggers marked the December Solstice and both the equinoxes. ✨
Sadly, a shifting of one the slabs has occurred (most likely caused by modern foot traffic), so the sun daggers no longer bisect or align with the spirals to accurately mark the solstices and equinoxes, and the site has since been closed to the public. However, many other existing and accessible Chacoan buildings have been aligned to capture the solar cycles in various ways. Chaco is truly a sacred and magical place, and decidedly worth a visit.


Rooted in ancient Celtic traditions, Litha is one of eight festivals on the Wheel of the Year and it is coincident with the June Solstice. Around the world, people gather at Litha to celebrate the light on the longest day of the year (in the Northern Hemisphere). In rhythm and harmony with what is happening in the natural world, the Wheel, which depicts time as continuous and cyclical, invites us to pause, about every six-and-a-half weeks, to mark and reflect on the passage of time. ☸️

Each of the eight festivals are coincident with the Solstices, Equinoxes, and Cross-Quarter (or Mid-Season) days marked along the EHc Solar Year. Celebrating these seasonal shifts is non-dogmatic and something that anyone can do, no matter your religion or faith tradition.🥳


Photo Credit: unknown


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