The Cross-Quarter Day of Imbolc is Here

10D in 7S week, mid-season of Q4

It’s Mid-Winter’s Day

Welcome Imbolc!
We are now officially half-way (6.5 weeks) through the winter season, in the Northern Hemisphere (2-1-24 Gc) ✨

467♠️|10♦️ [ ✴️♐️ ]
Today on the EHc (THU, 15 JANUARY):
It’s a Ten of Diamonds Day 
in the Seven of Spades Week 
(Week 46 ) of the current EHc Solar Year.
The Sun is in Sagittarius; and Neptune is the Weekly Ruling Planet.
Today marks Imbolc, an ancient festival
marking the change from winter to spring
(or Mid-Winter’s Day in the Northern Hemisphere),
with six-and-a-half more weeks until Spring
and the EHC New Year. ☀️
It’s also Groundhog Day,
a North American celebration originating
from an old Germanic tale where an animal 
foretells the weather forecast. 🦫
Today is also known as Candelmas
to Christians worldwide, another
ancient tradition, celebrated since
the 4th century AD in Jerusalem. 🕯
Hang in there … Springtime is coming! 🌱


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