Mid-Summer Greetings to You

The EHc Compass Rose marks the seasons, halves, quarters, months and weeks of the solar year.

… and a Joy-filled Harvest Day, as Well!


Hello, friends! Today is Thursday, 3 August, 2023 Gc (15 July on the EHc).

The Sun has now traveled half-way (approximately six-and-a-half weeks) along its ecliptic path from the June Solstice toward the September Equinox. ☀️

On the EartHeaven Calendar (EHc), we are in the second quarter/season of the solar year (the Season of Clubs), spanning three months (June/Taurus, July/Gemini, August/Cancer). ♉ ♊ ♋

Today, 15 July (a Four of Clubs day in the Seven of Clubs week) is its mid-point. 7️⃣♣️ | 4️⃣♣️

On the Gregorian calendar, this is coincident with the ancient festival of Lughnasa/Harvest Day, traditionally celebrated on or near 1 August in the Northern Hemisphere (1 February in the Southern Hemisphere), a time for picking sunflowers & berries, baking breads & pies, hiking hilltops (towards the sun!), and general feasting and merriment. 🌻🌾🥖🫐🥧🥂

Rejoice and be Grateful for your Bounties.🧡

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