Happy World Earth Day!

Did you know…?

Happy EHc World Earth Day! 🌎
Today is Wednesday, 1 September on the EHc, an Ace of Hearts Day in the Ace of Diamonds Week (week 27).
This week, the Sun transitions into Leo at the September Equinox (happening this coming Saturday (23 September, 2023 Gc). ✴️
If you step outside to catch the sunrise or sunset that day, you will be looking directly east or west, respectively, no matter where you are on earth (unless you are on one of the Poles).
Make a mental note of that direction in the landscape or your surroundings and you will be able to find True North, East, South and West, from that point, on any given day! 🧭
You can learn more about the Sun’s position during this special time of year in a recent online EarthSky.org article, Equinox Sun Rises Due East and Sets Due West, by Bruce McClure. 🧐

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