Happy June Solstice

Good morning, EHc friends … and Happy June Solstice!

Today is Wednesday, 21 June, 2023 Gc, the first day of summer (in the northern hemisphere), and it’s the June Solstice as well. ☀️

On the EartHeaven Calendar (EHc), today is Wednesday, 3 June — a Five of Hearts Day in the Ace of Clubs Week of the current solar year. [ A♣️ | 5♥️ ]

The Ace of Clubs Week (WK #14) is the first week of the 2nd Quarter/Season of the EHc year (the Season of Clubs), comprising June/July/August. 🦋
Because the EHc brackets the four annual equinox and solstice events (as does our Gregorian calendar), the EHc Grid (above) positions the June Solstice — as well as the beginning of Taurus — as occurring on Monday, 1 June (when it very well may occur on any given year). ♉️
This bracketing, as indicated by the band of Gold spanning the Sky Line, acknowledges that the June Solstice — and a shift to the next House, Taurus — will always fall within a three-day range of what is marked on the EHc. ✨