Age of Aquarius??

Look what we found! ☀️


We were pleasantly surprised to come across this article on NPR today, Think You’re a Taurus? Earth’s Wobble Sees Things Differently. 🧐

Interestingly, the viewpoint of Astrophysicist-Author Regina G. Barber seems to be largely in alignment with the same logic and reasoning behind the earth/solar reality of the EartHeaven Calendar and the Age of Aquarius, as presented in The EartHeaven Calendar White Paper, by Steve Howland. 💛

Due to the inevitable precession of the equinoxes, the March equinox is now occurring within the starry backdrop —  or at least within the 30-degree arc of influence — of  the constellation Aquarius (i.e., we have now begun our transition into the Age of Aquarius).

Even if not quite yet, it is a moot point as we will be in the Age of Aquarius for at least two thousand years to come. ]

We just love finding further scientific evidence to back up our theory… if you know of any other such articles, please do share! ✨